Common Wildlife Issues in Cedar Rapids

Uncovered trash bins, compost piles, and outdoor pet food makes easily attainable meals for Cedar Rapids, IA, raccoons. Infestations of the pests will seek out the cool areas under decks, sheds, and patios in the summer, while crawl spaces and attics provide warmth and shelter during the winter. In addition to creating messes in yards, raccoons spread diseases like rabies.

Common in Iowa, Eastern moles are another lawn pest that trouble Cedar Rapids homeowners. They use their powerful claws to tunnel into the ground in search of insects and vegetation, uprooting garden plants and even damaging the foundations of homes. Groundhogs also burrow in yards under decks, porches, and loose foundations. Since they feed on vegetables, plants, and fruits before overwintering, homes with gardens, decorative plants, or tall grass often suffer from groundhog infestations.