Squirrels run a close race for the number one nuisance animal in the country. They are notorious for chewing wiring in homes and structures in the attic once they enter, which probably makes the squirrel more destructive than any other animal in the country when it enters a home. This type of damage can cause fires and shorts.

Squirrels have their babies twice a year, usually early spring and fall. These are also the time periods that squirrels enter homes and structures for adequate nesting sites to have their young or to just reside themselves. Squirrels usually enter homes through attic fans, roof vents, uncapped chimneys as well chew holes behind gutter lines.

Christman’s Wildlife Service uses removal techniques via the installation of what is called multi-catch traps directly over the main entry areas where the animals are gaining access into a home or structure. This type of technique is installed at dusk when the animals are in the structure for the night, this way, when the animals come out in the morning to go outside to feed and forage they will have no choice but to go directly into this piece of equipment that will hold anywhere from one to six squirrels at a time.This technique specifically targets only the animals living in the structure in question.

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