Striped skunks are very prevalent throughout the Quad Cities and North America. Heavy populations of these animals are found in the East Moline, Illinois area, and the Davenport, Iowa Northwest region.

Striped skunks are burrowing animals, meaning they dig holes or dens directly in the ground, usually five to eight inches in diameter. These holes are where they live, nest, and bear their young. Skunks have large litters in the springtime, usually ranging from six to ten offspring. Most people encounter problems with skunks due to their burrowing underneath a shed, porch, or deck. These animals can often be seen in early evening out forging for food, especially in the fall of the year and will destroy nicely groomed lawns by digging in the sod looking for grubs and worms. In almost every case these animals can be captured and removed humanely.

Special fencing around decks, porches, and sheds can be installed to prevent these animals from burrowing. Only experienced professionals should attempt to capture and remove these animals because striped skunks are very susceptible to rabies.

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