A notorious dirty bird, defacing most structures and building with the large amount of dropping and feces just below their roosting areas. Along with the large amount of droppings associated with these birds, there is the danger of the disease histoplasmostis.

Accumulation of the droppings and feces caused by these birds will results in the disease histoplasmostis. This disease is a respiratory illness that can be picked up by humans through particles in the air. This is an extremely serous and sometimes fatal disease causing extreme respiratory problems in humans.


Pigeons can be maintained an controlled on all buildings and structures in various ways. Depending on the building or structure will depend on the management technique. Usually on commercial structures where large flocks of roosting birds are causing problems specially netting can be installed to permanently remove these areas from becoming nesting spots. Christman’s Wildlife Services provides a wide range of services regarding bird control and the prevention of their damage.

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