The Quad Cities of Davenport, Moline, East Moline, Bettendorf, and Rock Island is a desirable location to live for both people and wildlife. Because animals search for the same basic needs as people – food, water, and shelter – our residences make great homes for animals too.

Wildlife Issues in the Quad Cities

Nuisance wildlife can create serious problems if they turn your house into their home.

Typically, residents in the Quad Cities face issues from raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats, bats, and snakes in the home. Moles, voles, chipmunks, and squirrels burrow in yards and gardens.

Wildlife will impact your quality of life by creating irksome noises and noisome odors, damage your home, and affect your health as many species of wildlife carry diseases.

Regardless of the species, the professional wildlife technicians at Christmans can help you! Whether an unwanted animal has taken up residence in your home or nuisance wildlife have explored your yard, Christmans Wildlife can safely and humanely remove the animal for your property.

Serving the areas surrounding Davenport, Moline, East Moline, Bettendorf, and Rock Island, we are licensed and bonded in both Illinois and Iowa.

There’s a technician near you ready to solve your nuisance wildlife issues!

Professional Wildlife Control

The wildlife technicians practice an integrated wildlife pest control strategy. Animals need the same basics as people – food, water, shelter. Our homes, lawns and gardens provide all three necessities. The best way to ensure a home is free from nuisance animals is to implement a custom, holistic pest control strategy.

Christman’s Wildlife Control Strategy

Identify the Wildlife

The wildlife technicians are like a detectives. They’ll thoroughly investigate your home for any clues to the type of animal that might be on your property. During an inspection they will verify if there is a problem and the species causing it, get a rough estimate of the severity, identify current and potential entry points, and develop a plan to solve the animal problem.

The technicians will investigate the exterior and the interior of your home. Outside of your house, they will look potential entry points and any evidence of wildlife. The size and location of the entry points can help determine which animal species is in your home. Evidence of an animal  include paw prints, tufts of fur, or animal runs.

For the interior of your home, they will look for nests or dens, food caches, latrine sites, paw prints, and rub marks.

The foolproof way to identify an animal is by sight.

Consider these questions to help identify your nuisance wildlife

  • What type of sounds have you heard (running, scampering, thudding, etc)?
  • Have you heard any vocalizations from animals (chittering, chirping, squealing, etc)?
  • What type of day have you heard the noises?
  • Have you noticed any unwanted smells especially ammonia?

Remove the Wildlife

To ensure an animal is not in your home, the technician will deploy several strategies for exclusion and removal.

Wildlife Trapping

Before we securing your home, the animal needs to be removed. Occasionally, the animal has already has left your home, and the wildlife technician can proceed to exclusion work.

The experts at Christmas Wildlife will deploy a custom removal strategy to target the specific animals in your hoome. The best traps to catch the target animal will be placed in the ideal location to humanely trap the animal. The technician will check the trap daily for most animals to ensure no undue harm befalls the animal.

Wildlife Exclusions

Exclusion services create physical barriers to prevent the animal from accessing its resources. Wildlife exclusions are safe; no chemicals are used. Wildlife exclusions provide immediate, long-term protection from wildlife.

Because animals are creative and resourceful, a custom exclusion strategy is required for your home. If an animal encounters one barrier, it will explore other avenues to enter your home!

Wildlife Remediation

To gain entry to your home, an animal will cause damage. As part of the exclusion package, all of these egress points will be sealed.

Depending on the animal, there could be latrine sites (animal feces and urine), food caches or dens in your attic, basement or walls. The technicians will disinfect, sanitize and repair any evidence left in your home.

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