Protecting Your Home and the Wildlife Around It


Usually the problem is an animal that has either taken up residence in your home, in a building on your property or in an area of the property itself. So the first step is to identify what type of animal this is. Identifying the type of animal that is causing the conflict and where it is entering and exiting will determine the type of trapping or exclusion method, or both, that will be used to solve and remove the problem. Different types of animals require different types of trapping and exclusion methods. This is the first step in removing the problem.


At this stage we have identified the animal that is causing the concern. We will determine the point of access and exit and can now remove the animal by trapping or exclusion. Special roof vent covers and attic fan covers made and installed by our service to exclude the routine entry into homes by squirrels, raccoons, birds and other wildlife.


In almost all cases where animals have proven to be a problem to your home, building or property and after the animals have been removed, repairs or other preventative equipment can be installed to either permanently remove or reduce the problem from happening in the future. Some examples of routine areas that animals enter are chimneys, vent covers on the roof lines, attic fans and dormers. These areas are routine access points where squirrels, raccoons and bats enter a home. We have products and procedures that can eliminate access to your home in all of these areas

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