How do bats enter into attics

How do bats enter attics

Bats are able to gain entry into attics once they have gained access through the outer material of a home. A majority of the time, bats will find an opening around the roof line or soffit to gain attic access. Bats could also enter the house through areas where electrical or plumbing lines go through the exterior wall. Once bats are in the walls of a structure they would have access to the attic as well.

How do you remove bats from the attic

To remove bats from your attic, you should call a licensed professional that can physically remove bats. If bats are located in the attic or walls of a structure, this type of removal service has to be done in a particular set of steps to guarantee success. Please remember that bats are protected by federal and state laws because of the benefits they offer to local environment.

Contact Christmans Wildlife for Service

Christmans Wildlife Services has over 20 plus years’ experience in animal removal. Our technicians will remove bats in a humane and safe way. People who don’t understand correct removal techniques can kill hundreds of bats each year.